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BAD FOOD – Bambeanos

Bambeanos was a delicious snack food that first appeared on supermarket shelves in 1975. The product was made up of roasted and artificially flavored soybeans, traditionally known for their healthy effect on the human body. Bambeanos was known for causing excessive flatulence. Something about the dietary makeup of the cuisine had a unusually deleterious effect on the digestive system, especially in regards to the expenditure of gas, leading to numerous awkward moments on first dates and unfortunate meetings in the board room with important clients.

As might be expected, the food item sold horribly. People weren’t willing to put up with the odious side effects, even with a 50% off sale on clothespins, and less than 25,000 cases of Bambeanos were sold. It was eventually pulled off the shelves by Colgate-Palmolive, leading to a lawsuit by the original contractor. This, combined with the original price of research and development, would cost the company over 1.3 million dollars; a sign that maybe, next time, they ought to consider the reeking ramifications of a product made entirely out of roasted beans.


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