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Sometimes, a diamond-encrusted dog collar just isn’t enough. You have to pamper your pet through methods that stray beyond silly to the completely ludicrous, and it was for these situations that ‘Molli’s Choice’, as well as ‘Thirsty Dog!’ and ‘Thirsty Cat!’ were conceived. No longer will your beloved Fifi have to drink tap water out of a dish like some sort of common animal; she can now wet her whistle with the finest bottled water available, despite the fact that there’s almost no way she cares about such things and would probably choose to roll around on a dead horse if given the opportunity.

The bottled water does have some unique characteristics. Many of the selections are artificially flavored (grilled chicken for cats, beef tenderloin for dogs), lightly carbonated, and vitamins have been added to provide vital nutrients. Advertising for ‘Thirsty Dog!’ even claims that the liquid is fit for human consumption, but if a person is buying bottled water for their pets, they’re probably just going to have Jeeves bring them a martini. You can purchase this bottled water right now if you wish, but if you really want to make your pet happy, a simple belly rub and scratch behind the ears should more than suffice.


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