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David Hasselhoff has many grand achievements to his name: he hung out with a talking car in “Knight Rider”. He showed off his surplus of manly chest hair on “Baywatch”. He also starred in “Baywatch Nights”, the spooky version of the program, in which vampires show up at one point. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment, however, is the solo album that he put out in 1997. It was a cover of Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling”, and the music video is one of the most disturbingly surreal things to have ever been created.

The poofy-haired singer jumps and spins through a variety of obviously blue-screened exotic locales. He spins giant animated cubes on his finger that are filled with his singing face. He flaps his arms to fly with a flock of geese while angelic children float nearby. He also rides his motorcycle past an alien creature that seemingly escaped from Area 51. The production quality for the video is beyond bad: it makes “Plan 9 from Outer Space” almost look impressive in retrospect. Copious amounts of eye bleach are recommended after viewing, along with an full frontal lobotomy.


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