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Consider the following terrifying scenario: You’ve got a big meeting with the Boss, but a quick glance in the bathroom mirror reveals that your hair is just a little too long. You don’t have enough time to stop by the local Supercuts, and your future at the company is at stake. What do you do?

The answer is quite simple. Use Flowbee, the portable hair-trimming device!

You might be a little nervous at first. That’s natural. The Flowbee does look like a glorified ice scraper, and you have to attach it to a shop vac in order to obtain proper suction, but once that’s achieved, you simply stick the amazing contraption to the side of your head and let the tiny blades cut away. Should all go well, you’ll soon have a precision haircut and brand new position as junior partner. If your hand accidentally lingers a little too long with the personalized grooming, however, well… that’s what hats were designed for.

The Flowbee has gained a surprising degree of national attention. It can be seen in the movie “Wayne’s World”, where an obvious knock-off is used on the cable show to suck out Dana Carvey’s will to live (this would not ultimately occur until ten years later with the release of “The Master of Disguise”.) It has additionally been featured on Home Improvement, Party of Five, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Surely, it is just a matter of days before hair salons everywhere are run out of business by this truly extraordinary apparatus.


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