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BAD FOOD – Fugu Fish

Fugu Fish is one of the most famous and distinguished meals in Japanese cuisine. A dish typically costs around 5000 yen (roughly $50), though a full meal can easily cost four times that amount. The fish is renowned for its taste and texture, at least among gourmands – some people who eat it find it to be bland and unappealing. They are in the minority, though, and Fugu is so popular in Japan that there are usually at least one or two restaurants in each major city dedicated to the fish. Oh, and if it’s prepared wrong, you’ll be dead within 24 hours.

It turns out that the reason for the delectable taste is that the Fugu fish contains deadly amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin. There is no known antidote, so if your chef slips up and includes some in your savory meal, then it’s time to update your will and start listening to the Bible as read by Larry King. Despite this notorious danger, food connoisseurs in Japan (and several other nations) regularly line up for a chance to feast upon the perilous puffer fish. The morbidity is part of the thrill, and if a few dozen people have to keel over each year for them to enjoy it, then so be it.


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