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Harley Davidson has a powerful image that is deeply engrained into the American psyche. You think of the company, and you imagine a manly biker dressed in a black leather vest riding down a stretch of open road, the wind blowing through his hair, tattoos on his arms, a shotgun by his side, and “Born to be Wild” blaring loudly in the background. You usually don’t think of majestic fragrances to dab upon your neck before picking up some flowers and going out on a date.

That didn’t stop Harley Davidson from releasing a perfume line to the masses. They believed that their brand name would be sufficient to draw in customers, failing to grasp that most people *didn’t* want to smell like a biker who’s been chased by the police for three days. Nor did the bikers have any strong urge to pretty themselves up for Rhonda the chain-smoking cocktail waitress. As such, sales were pretty horrible, and the product line was discontinued. You can still find bottles of it on Ebay, but it might be simpler to just stop showering altogether.


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