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Men and women who lived in past centuries had to face a huge number of problems: famine, Viking attacks, the possibility that Goodie Proctor would accuse them of being a witch… Far worse than any of these, however, was the fact that their food was so darn slow. It took forever to prepare, we’re talking hours here, and there wasn’t any decent method of refrigeration available (unless you lived in the Norway), so you had to make nearly everything from scratch.

Fast food helped bring an end to all that. It started with the Automat in New York, which offered pre-made meals at surprisingly low prices. People appreciated the convenience, so the concept caught on and other fast food restaurants began to spring up across the nation. It soon became possible to get a hamburger and fries in just a few short minutes, through a revolutionary process known as letting the food simmer all day under the hot lights until someone decides to order one.

Unfortunately, fast food also happens to be remarkably less healthy than regular meals. The Double Six Dollar Burger at Carl’s Jr. has 1560 calories alone. A Chocolate Milkshake at McDonald’s has 1160 calories, and even the healthy choices tend to be bad for you, with the Southwestern Salad at Jack in the Box clocking in at 870 calories, though that’s mostly just the Ranch dressing.

The result can be seen all around you. America, quite frankly, is a large nation, and a huge number of its citizens suffer from obesity and heart disease. It’s also doubtful that this will change any time soon. People absolutely love their triple decker hamburgers with double cheese and four strips of bacon and slathered mayonnaise and a fried egg on top, and if you want them to give such tasty meals up, you’re going to have to pry it out of their cold dead hands. So you should have it by next Tuesday.


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